Honor’s Name


“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

Romans 12:10

I have received some questions about why we named our newest addition “Honor Grace,” and I feel a release to share that for two reasons.

First, I know there are many expecting mommies right now, and I hope that in sharing our “why” you can call on the Lord to give you peace and direction, to see His heart towards your baby, and to provide you fresh perspective towards the holy call of motherhood.

Second, I felt it was pertinent to share the meaning of her name in the hopes that it would encourage you to “live Kingdom” in the midst of a very volatile social climate concerning the pandemic, social distancing, racial justice, and more.

So read on, and also enjoy our newborn photos taken when Honor was a week old (taken by the amazing Camarie McBride)! (more…)

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Honor’s Birth Story

I cannot believe I gave birth to Honor 9 weeks ago. Time has flown by so quickly. As I shared before, Honor came exactly two weeks early. Her birth coincided with just the beginning of this pandemic. Although it was earlier than we thought, she came right on time. Read more to find out how!

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Double-Barred: Pregnant During the Bar Exam

Honor’s story cannot be told without mentioning that I sat for the California bar exam while pregnant with her. Though it was incredibly difficult to spend my entire pregnancy studying (literally from the very beginning until four weeks before I had Honor), I am happy to share that I passed the California Bar Exam! I’m…

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