Dairy-Free Life Part 3: Dinner – Ratatouille

Nearly every mom out their wants their kids to grow up healthy and strong. This often begins with the begrudged vegetables, something so many children disdain. Like many moms out there, I try to find fun ways to serve vegetables to Raegan. Today’s dairy-free life post focuses on a truly special dinner course, one full of delicious vegetables. Its name piqued my daughter’s interest since she saw it in a famous Disney film. This one is full of fresh vegetables and a creamy sauce built on a dairy-free alternative. It’s perfect on a hot summer day or the coming fall.

Today’s dairy-free dinner recipe is ratatouille. This one calls for the freshest vegetables, cut in the same thickness to allow the dish to bake evenly. For that reason I recommend you use a mandoline slicer or a very sharp knife. Assembling the ratatouille allows your creative juices to flow as you see the vibrancy of the colors in this dish. Though this dish takes some time to bake, your patience will be rewarded with its tastiness! Make it a family affair on a weekend by inviting the kids to help you assemble it,  then pop in the Disney film for a fun family memory! Enjoy!

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