Dairy-Free Life Part 4: Desserts – Plum Crumble

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I’m back with Part 4 of Dairy-Free Life, where I’m sharing some of my favorite dairy-free desserts. Desserts have been the trickiest course for me in my transition to the dairy-free life. The difficulty lies in the fact that American dessert recipes tend to be heavy on ingredients like butter and milk — and why wouldn’t they? Butter and milk soften and add flavor, texture, structure and color to a dish, and frankly, butter and milk are delicious. Thankfully, I am able to incorporate delicious dairy-free alternatives (check out Part 3) to make some sweet-tooth satisfying desserts — free from dairy and full of flavor.

First up is my family’s newest delight, a dairy-free plum crumble. With this dish, you get all the satisfaction of a pie but without the fuss. It’s ready in minutes and the dish thrives on imperfections — the bottom crust does not need to be perfectly smooth, the plums can be cut any which way, and you can scatter the crumble across the top without fear of messing up.

Low stress does not translate to a lackluster flavor profile. The buttery, sugary crumbs fall atop ripe plums soaked in a creamy mixture that turns pink as it cooks. This recipe is reminiscent of another confection — the bottom pastry tastes like a snickerdoodle while the topping tastes like a crumbled sugar cookie. It’s a perfect summer dessert, one that you can top with some dairy-free ice cream or dairy-free Redi-wip.


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