Melonie Wright’s life as an attorney and single mother serves as evidence that God is a Redeemer who uses the brokenness to create beauty. Melonie truly encountered God after experiencing much heartache and adversity. From beginning her education in a special education preschool classroom, to earning honors in high school, from collegiate track athlete to single motherhood with cents to her name at one point, God met Melonie in her brokenness.

After becoming a single mother, Melonie began to trust and love God as he loved her back to life. God showed himself faithful in Melonie’s life by gracing her to graduate college with highest honors, to earn her law degree, and to become a licensed attorney, all while raising her little girl. God redeemed a completely broken woman and gave Melonie a heart to encourage single mothers that they are loved, valued, and desired by God, and He will enable them to do whatever it is He has called them to do. Today, Melonie lives in Birmingham, AL with her daughter Raegan, where she practices commercial litigation at a large international law firm with an emphasis on business, employment, technology, and insurance matters. For more information, visit https://meloniebygrace.com/.